Tamarack Timber Works
Traditional Woodworking Handcrafted in the USA
We are combining timber frame style construction and joinery, with handcrafted Amish quality and workmanship, for the highest quality timber bed. We strive for virtually unsurpassed strength and beauty, while offering you our line of beds at Tamarack Timber Works.
We are a family owned and operated business located at the base of the Mission Mountains in Montana, an area rich in scenery and timber resources.
All joints are drawn together and pinned with hardwood pegs. We use walnut pegs and splines to accent the joinery, making an attractive contrast.

  Our timbers are selectively sawn, free of heart center (FOHC) and kiln dried to provide the desirable stability needed for a long lasting quality piece of furniture. Douglas Fir and Larch are the "oaks" of the west and they are our preferred timber material.
  Each bed is hand finished with an oil and wax finish. The beauty is meant to last a lifetime, making each Tamarack Timber Works bed an heirloom piece for years to come.

Owner & Craftsman of Tamarack Timber Works,
All of our mortises are done with a beam drill from the late 1800's, and finished out with a hand chisel. We prefer a very minimal use
of power tools in our traditional woodworking process.
Tamarack Timber Works St. Ignatius, Montana
Amish crafted quality