Tamarack Timber Works
  With the Tamarack Special Bed, we chose a Japanese style of joinery wiith our walnut accented splines on the corner posts. This bed has that attractive, one-of-a-kind timber frame elegance that you will appreciate. The arched crossmembers add to its unique character.

  We make King, Queen & Full size timber framed beds. We offer a number of different finish options aimed at both wood preservation and beauty as well as low maintenance and ease of cleaning.

Tamarack Special Bed takes a week to produce. We do not use any nails or glue in the joinery. We use walnut pegs for contrast. Out beds are not mass produced and we do not warehouse our products, so please allow approx. 3 weeks for delivery.
Tamarack special timber frame bed
The Tamarack Special Bed
This machine is used to mortise the slots on the crossmembers on this style of bed.
Tamarack Timber Works The Tamarack Special Bed
Tamarack Special Bed Prices: King $1450 Queen $1300 Full $1000
(pictured is a King size with walnut finish)