Tamarack Timbers Works Dressers & Nightstands
10 Drawer Dresser
(20" deep, 84" wide, 48" tall)
This dresser has enough storage space to cover even the most unorangized person. The drawer dividers are walnut, dovetailed into the main frame which is typical of our other dresser designs.
5 Drawer Nightstand
(18" deep, 40" wide, 66" tall)
A friend came up with this design for their particular need and we liked it. Specify either right or left side stand.
6 Drawer Dresser
(20" deep, 60" wide, 36" tall)
This dresser is constructed in the traditional timber frame design using pinned joints and dovetailed cross members and drawer sides.
4 Drawer Dresser
(22" deep, 36" wide, 48" tall)
This dresser is designed and built exactly like our other pieces, yet small enough to fit about any situation.
1 Drawer Nightstand
(20" deep, 24" wide, 30" tall)
We offer a number of options on this piece, regarding the bottom crossmember.
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All drawer boxes are dovetailed and all dressers use 100 lb. full extension slides.